Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Tuesday thoughts!

Another funny day today, the weather has been awful, cold, dark, windy and very wet!!! It has cast a gloom over me I am afraid.

I suppose I am apprehensive about this NVQ I am about to start and how much time I will need to comit, time is always such an issue with me.
Today I got all the Down Syndrome Group accounts up to date, updated spreadsheets and ordered sticky labels...all things I needed to do, but I feel like I have wasted a day. After that I ran around with my hoover in an attempt to feel I had at least achieved something!!
I have been busy over the last few evenings- with Mr Cuttlebug of course! I have cut around 10 little QK trucks, about 20 little TVs and game controllers and about 50 flowers!! Now I can start working down my "to do"list again!!
Here are a few quick cards I have made, one is the boy's 13th Birthday card I needed, and the other 2 are for stock!!


Unknown said...

Well done you ! Sounds like you are very very busy too.

The cards are great for boys, I'm sure the recipients will be chuffed.

CraftyC said...

Lovely cards, the top ones my favourite!