Saturday, 12 January 2008

Week over, time for new goals!

Off last weeks "to do" list I made...
x20 xmas embellies !!
x12 valentines cards
x3 21st birthday card
x2 mother's day cards
1 anniversary card
1 sympathy card

For this week:
make another 10 xmas embellies
make another 10 cards for stock

...then work on my list
make a boys 13th birthday card!
make a 19th Birthday card
make a birthday card for BIL
make x1 Feb Birthday club card
make DH valentine's card
make a girls 11th birthday card
make SIL birthday card

Out of that lot, all I made yesterday was 1 Valentine's Card, then I cut and made up 20 little Xmas trees. Today all my start up papers have arrived for my NVQ- which officially starts 17th I somehow have to allocate time in my weeks for that too!! hmmm..what have I done!!!

Not much time for crafting today, got to paint Jack's bedroom...but I am sure I will find something crafty I can slot in somewhere!!

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artfulstampin said...

Aaaw that is the cutest, I really like that!