Thursday, 3 January 2008

yeah, I know it the 3rd but....

Happy New Year!!!!

Thank goodness, life is slowing down a bit, just as well as I am full of flu and the kiddies aren't back to school until Monday. The house is coming together, bit by bit, very slowly...but hey ho, Rome was not built in a day!

The time has come to put some of my resolutions down in 'print' so that I cannot forget what they were and brush them under the carpet in a vain attempt to spring clean the clutter from my life.
Here goes: (still got to make them more precise so I know where to aim)

Eat healthier- only 1 take away per month!!
Drink more water- my intake is awful-aim for 1-2ltrs water per day
Exercise more- get my pedometer out, actually look at that yoga DVD I have recently treated myself to..............
Treat myself to a pamper night more often (now our new bathroom is done!)

Make my cards the month before I need them to avoid last minute attempts at midnight.
Make at least 25 Xmas die cuts each month.
To actually organise my craft room, it is getting better, but not quick enough!
To use my scraps/offcuts as I go.

Short term goals!!!
Make 10 Valentine Day cards this week!!!!

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