Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Panic is starting to set in!!

And there was me thinking I was so much more organised this year...well let's face it, this time last year the extension had only JUST finished and we were laying our dining room floor a few days before Christmas so we could put the tree up!!! LOL

We have most of our pressies, I am buying some cards!!! Have to make some more, write all of ours, write all of Amelia's, wrap everything, do the last odds and ends of shopping, catch up on some design team work, attend Christmas Concert, make a snowflake costume, attend Infants Assembly, make up hamper for raffle, pack kiddies bags as they are staying at Nanny & grandad's house for the weekend..................shall I go on!!! eeeek, better stop there before panic mode really kicks in and I do my headless chicken impression!

Anyway, after having poorly children off school for two days, I was relieved they were both well enough to go back to school today. Although I was working this afternoon it did give me a little bit of crafting time this morning - in fact I have now finished of a card order apart from the inserts, I will be crossing that off my list tomorrow hopefully after a bit of retail therapy ready for our big night out!

I do have a few cards to show you if you are still with me after all my waffle.

The first is a sparkly Dottie Creation using Ice Skating Dottie from the Christmas Download Bundle. One teacher's card complete - 7 more to go!!!

The next is the last card from the personalised order, a Christmas card for twin baby boys with an older brother and the lady wanted all of it incorporated into the card if possible. I took inspiration from two challenge for this one;

This week's Sketch Saturday and the Countdown to Chrismas Challenge- Day 2 over on Crafts by Carolyn where you need to create something using red, gold and green!

Right, crafting over with for today, off for a long soak in the bath. Tomorrow is another day!


Mariska said...

Great cards! I wouldn't have had any idea what to do with a card for a set of twins and an older brother but you did great! Thank you for joining us at Sketch Saturday this week!


DebsCraft said...

Adorable cards Adele, those images are wonderful!

Sarah said...

Adele, those cards are super cute! Love the twins card especially xox

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Ohh you are a busy bunny I am all behind with everything including blog land.

Lovely cards you are so clever!


Sammi said...

Hi Dingle... Wow .. I thought I was busy .. but I think you might be more so!! Hope you get it all done!!
LOVE these cards! They are both GORGEOUS!! xxx

Linanna DESIGNS said...

What great cards Adele, hope you managed to get allyour cards made. I struggled to get all mine done this year, next year im starting early!! hugs Linda x