Monday, 8 December 2008

Mood swing Monday!

As I face another week of school issues with Amelia my first job on my to-do list was the phone the LEA to find out exactly where Amelia was on the waiting list for the special school. I was told there is not a waiting list, they call it a consideration list and Amelia is due to be discussed in either Term 3 (Jan-Feb) or Term 4 (Feb- Apr) with a POSSIBLE placement in September 09!

The situation is that her mainstream school, despite all my efforts, are just not able to differentiate for her. Perhaps reading some of the inclusion resources online or that I have provided them with would have been a starting point but I get the very destinct impression, they are not willing to make it work as they simple don't want her there anymore. I have been told that not one child with Down Syndrome has ever gone on to Mainstream Junior school in Medway, well fighting for 3 years to get her supported didn't actually give her a flying start did it. Even when the LEA backed down and agreed to Statemnet her the school sat on it for about 5 months before the support was ever put into place.

Not knowing which way to turn or which battle to fight first, my mind is in turmoil. I am not prepared to send my daughter to a school who simply don't want her there so the mad ideas of pulling her out of school, MP, newpapers......the lot are prancing around my little brain.

So much for a relaxing Christmas break where I can actually sit back and enjoy my children..yet another big black cloud will be hovering over us.

Despite my solemn mood, I got home to a lovely email form the wonderful Jo! She has featured some of my work over on Inspirational today! Absoloutely gob-smacked and honoured- THANK YOU SO MUCH JO! You have managed to lighten my day a little!!!!


Trace Dee said...

im so sorry to hear you are having problems. but keep fighting girl your little one is worth it a million times over.

congratulations on featuring on insperational.



Sarah C said...

Adele, I'm so sorry that the people's to be are doing this to you. Amelia deserves the best that she can get and she has a fantastic mum fighting her cause to get her that - what that is right now might be unclear, but it will come good cos you are all so wonderful.

That's why your work is featured on the Inspirational blog. Congratulations on it and you so deserve it. Sending loads of love to you and yours xxx

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Saw your cards today on Inspirational and they are absolutley stunning!
I love the snowman card its beautiful...

p.s keep fighting seems like a slow road but youll get there x

Emma xxx

DebsCraft said...

Fab fab fab cards and blog too Adele, love it! As you know I have followed your one for yonks ♥ You're one talented lady :o) Love your work!

Hugs to you and yours, Debs x

frazzled2day said...

Hi Adele, I have followed your blog for some time now but have never been brave enough to leave a comment before....firstly ur cards are simply stunning! Secondly, I really do feel for you with all the problems you are having with your LEA and school etc. My son has multiple special needs and we had a 3 year battle to get him the statement AND the support it a vindictive head teacher who reported us to social services for neglect (we refused to continue giving him Ritalin due to severe side effects) this resulted him being put on the 'at risk register' simply because the whole lot of them closed ranks to protect themselves due to wholly inadequet services and responses to special needs!! Sorry, have babbled a bit now, my point is though that you keep battling for what you believe your son needs....ultimately, you as his mum knows best, despite what the so called proffessionals will try and tell you, 3 years later, 4 social workers, several LEA officers, an MP, a radio interview and a new school later and we finally got what Tom needs. It was a very long and troubled journey which frequently tested my sanity BUT it was worth it. Sorry for such a long post, but I feel very strongly about the subject. With much love to you all, Janey. PS there was an item on Radio 5 live today at 1pm on schools/LEAs failing kids with special needs which you can listen too later on their website. PPS do you have copies of the SEN code of practice, Disability Discrimination Act etc...have got spare copies can post to you if not xxxx

frazzled2day said...

sorry, I meant to type Amelia, but hubby rang and distracted me and i typed son by mistake......soooooo can't do the whole multitasking thing lol love Janey xx

Sammi said...

Sorry to hear about all these problems Adele! Keep perservering!! :)
and GOOD one - being featured on Inspirational... you are inspirational!! :)