Friday, 19 December 2008

Last child free day....

....and I am so relaxed when I should be panicking. I have hardly sent any cards out and my little box of stock is badly in need of a boost! Still after seeing Amelia in her Christmas performance this morning I am on cloud nine! I am SO proud of her...even if she kept beaming at me in the audience and waving!! She was amazing to watch, I am jsut so saddened to think what the world has come to when we can't even take pics of what should be memorable moments!
Still enough of the waffle, I will show you a few thing I have been up to...still got loads to show lots of blogging to catch up on.
These are 4 cards I made yesterday, I tried to make a few "in bulk" to save time on making up, design time, dithering around basically...but boy did my hands ache after all that cutting out one after another!!! I used Dottie in the snow from the Christmas Bundle

With the launch of GIRLS ABOUT TOWN a fab new download collection, I abandoned the Christmas cards I should be making to finish off a card using "Nicola!" What a great collection-thanks Lou!!!


Claire Mackaness said...

Blooming heck girlie, your just a bit too quick off the mark for my liking LOL!! A lovely card, you do Louises fab images proud.

Chrissie said...

Your Christmas cards look great Adele and little Dottie looks so cute!
I love the look of these new downloads, may have to take a trip and check them out.

Jac’s Playground said...

Fabby Dottie cards Adele and I love what you have done with Nicola, I'm hoping to have a play tonight! Do I take it that you are not allowed to take pics of the school production? That just seems so out of order. All the while Ria was in primary we were able to take pics and I made sure I did and at the end of Yr6 the school produced a cd that had pics taken throughout primary school of all the yr 6s from when they started right up to the end, unfortunately Ria was only there 2 years but she was included and you could buy these for £3. These times are so important to record. Ooops sorry a bit of a waffle there! xx

Sammi said...

Oooh... I love those christmas cards... Great colours!! And that card with Nicola on it is AWESOME!! Lovely work Adele! :)

Louly said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I spy my Christmas card! Thank you so much for my card Adele,it's even more beautiful in real life.

Anonymous said...

Everything you do Adele is lovely! x

As for not being able to take photos of Amelia that is so sad. It really does depend upon where you are I think. I'm in Kent and my Dad took loads of photos of my great niece in her playschool nativity at a Church.

It's a sad world when you can't photograph your own child's special moments. *hugs*