Thursday, 26 June 2008

Sympathy card , number 2!!!

Thank goodness these are done, the funeral is tomorrow so once again I have left it all to the last minute. It was all going to plan today (LOL...welll as much as it ever does in the Dingle household!) then some lovely crafters over on CBC very politely told me I had made some mistakes in the wording (!!) so I had to quickly salvage my first card before I started on the next one!

Anyway, I can now cross them off my list and get on with something a bit more enjoyable. I think I may need to update my "to do list!"


Miaou said...

That's lovely Adele - very tasteful.

I always think that after a bereavement the mantelpiece gets weighted down with pics of crosses and flowers - this makes a refreshing change and strikes the right note.

Although they are hard to make they are lovely - there is so little choice in that section in the shops! And I really like the one you made on your previous post too.

Annie B said...

i think they are lovely - well done - am sure they will be much appreciated

Apryl said...

lovely cards, even for such a sad occasion. I'm with Miaou about there not being much of a selection in the shops that dont have crosses and flowers on... its nice to see something simple and elegant and classy.

Nikki said...

A very gorgeous, sophisticated card that says what it needs to..

Shirley said...

this has been made very delicatly and lovingly. it really does sure. very suitable card. well done