Friday, 6 June 2008

Long time, no craft!!

I have been feeling rather down recently, I think it's just one thing after another, lots of broken nights and having this "flu like" bug that just won't come out or shift. I know progress is being made in so many areas of my life but it seems like a tiny little drop in a huge ocean at the moment.

Anyway enough of my waffle. I can show you some progress that has been made to my little craft room.

I had an old spice shelf that I have been hanging onto since we moved here 10 years ago. Last year it got moved from the loft and into the craft room but it has sat on the side feeling rather unloved as until the room (and me) were more organised I never really knew what to use it for and where to put it. My darling hubby sanded it all down for me at the weekend and hung it in a little corner of the room by the window for me to start storing some of my mounted stamps. Up until now, most of my stamps were in a filing cabinet, but now I have freed up another 3 drawers to store my A4 paper or card.

Next on the list was lowering the make shift worktop I had just propped up (blush) under the window, it's still not 100% but it has cost us nothing as the worktop and wood were all just laying around in the garage waiting for a home! I wanted to use the space by the window to make the most of the natural light (and to gaze at the trees when I need inspiration!) but we had to work around a boxed in area over the stairs- I have now used that boxed in area to store my Cuttlebug and dies. Still a long way to go and my Cropper Hoppers haven't arrived yet, but progress has definately been made.

With all this going on in my little craft room and sand and a tonne of slate needing to be carried through to the back garden, I haven't found much time to actually craft! But yesterday I had a last minute order so I used this weeks Dottie's World challenge as inspiration.

This week it is a template- to include at least one download and at least one buttonb or brad!

Here is what I ended up with. This little Dottie has got to be one of my favs!!


Jac’s Playground said...

That is a very pretty card, I love your interpretation of the sketch and colour way.

Karen Mortensen said...

Oh that is just adorable Adele! I love it!! Thank you for taking part xx

Love your craft room, looks great :o)

Juliet said...

I love this image too Adele and what you have done is amazing - I absolutely love it!! xx

Louly said...

Adele I always love your cards, you're just soooo talented. This one is devine! One of my faves too. xx

Twiggy said...

Lovely card and your craft room is looking great :)
Twiggy x

Whizzz said...

A beautiful card but I am so envious of your craft space (I wouldn't dare post a pic of my clutter !)

Classroomfree said...

Love the card hun (and lovely to see you posting, I've missed ya *sniff*)

Craft room is looking good!

Jules xx

Max said...

Wish I had a craft room to tidy LOL!
It's looking good though. Your card is absolutely beautiful Adele.

Pat said...

What a lovely card....

Pat x