Saturday, 15 May 2010

Sweet Blog Candy and waffle!

So much for my Friday off to catch up with housework and do a bit of crafting!!!Arrghhhh! I had to go into work for a staff meeting at 12.30 anyway BUT late on Thursday night my manager rang asking if I could cover someone who was off sick. So that was it really, my "day off" was shattered to pieces!

Today I have still not done much at all either. My little craft room is in chaos BUT I do have a nice little shelf hidden under my work bench.....I am in MUCH need of a complete re-organistion but I just cannot see how and when it will ever happen. I am having to cover a few extra shifts at work, then it's half term, then we are between I still have those dreaded childrens records I have to get bang up-to-date ready for the info to be used in final reports as the chuildren leave us and start "big school!"

Hey ho....let's clear a little bit of space and make a card ready for tomorrow's Dottie's World Challenge. BUT.....drumroll..........for now.....


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Hazel said...

Haven't been here for a while - always inspirational. Love that copic challenge card below. Wow, this is some awesome candy x