Sunday, 2 May 2010

All sewn up!

I am a bit late with this week's challenge for Dottie's World as my poor mum and dad had a bit of an emergency yesterday with water flooding through their ceiling, flooding carpets etc and blowing all their electrics! SEW rather than the afternoon spent hand stitching and sipping tea in the conservatory....I tried to help out a bit. Not much more can be done at the moment but at least this morning the water has stopped dripping through , now it's a case of waitng for it all to dry out and see what damage has actually been done!
Late last night I packed away my sewing machine and was quite happy with what I had done...but this morning it took me aaaages to finish this card. I was faffing around with a few additional embellies as it look rather bare. Hey ho...I ended up just going with the flow and hoping for the best.

I used Quiet time from the Boy Oh Boy collection and tried to use papers and a few odd "vintage" stamps to give the card an older style!

1 comment:

Gunn (Merete) said...

Hope everything is just a bit better at your house today. It is not fun when things like this happens, lots of emotions and lots of work.
I like this card and think you have got the "old" feeling of it.
Wish you a better week to come and that you have time to do things for your own pleasure.