Thursday, 6 May 2010

The case of the boot and the Twinkle Toes Talc!

Went down the village to vote and then quickly popped into the Co-op to grab some pasta for a quick and easy dinner! It was LOVELY, diced bacon a nice salad and some yummy garlic bread.

Loaded the dishwasher, tidied the kitchen, took the tin foil from the grill pan and put it in the bin, just as I bent down to put it in the bin, SPLAT. Bacon fat all over my lovely green, suede boot!

I resisted temptation to wipe it off and with some cyber help, cornstarch was recommended. No cornstarch in cupboard I grabbed at Amelia's "Tinkerbell Magic Talc" (she calls in twinkle toes powder!) and smothered my poor boot! At least I have magic on my side.

Hey ho, if it doesn't work at least my boot will smell nice and fresh and it will be a great excuse to treat myself to another pair of boots...or two....there must be some bargains out there, right?


Julie said...

Oh my goodness,fingers crossed that it works,please blog the outcome.I would be devastated if that happened to my lovely swede boots. though the nearest I can get to Twinkle Toes Talc is Baby's Bottom! x

Nicky said...

Oh no - let us know if it works although I don't think I have any talc wonder if flour would work??!!