Tuesday, 18 May 2010

My Wishlist - Craft Must haves for May!

MR POSTIE...Where ARE you? Can you tell that I have been spending? I spent all day Sunday dithering, flicking from site to site, umming and arhing.....Dilly dally Dingle strikes again! BUT eventually I did make a decision and treated myself to a few new crafty bits and bobs.

I don't get much time to browse the shops online and in real life it's practically impossible now I don't have a car. I think I am going to start a little ongoing wish-list...so Chris, darling, sweetness, if you need any ideas for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Xmas....or just because...check it out! LOL

Now where do I begin;

flowers, blooms- a girl can never have enough.
a leafy die/punch.
a swirly die/punch.
a butterfly die/punch
3 new images to play with each month. (I 've had 2 already which allows one more, he he he!)
oh yes, I forgot, a snowflake die/punch in preparation for Christmas...eek!

Right, I will come back and edit this as I find more ideas.

Now 'fess up! What's on your wishlist?

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