Thursday, 6 May 2010

Dingle's Daily - Day 5!!!!!

Have you noticed....I am actually crafting again!! YEAH ...and enjoying it too. All I need now is a bit of an aim, a challenge, a longer term goal....hmmm.

There is a bit of a challenge going on, it was mentioned on Mumsnet, the create something every day...365 days...eeekk. Not really sure I could do that but it has really helped to give me a boost!

Anyway, I haven't got much to show you for day 5, at the moment anyway - BUT the day is still young. For now I thought I'd share what I have been doing in a vain attempt to be organised. I have done LOADS more- I am trying to get images printed/stamped, cut and all ready to go. I have a few ideas for storage but that will be next on my list for a new organised and prepared Dingle. ( WARNING...please do not hold your breath for this. Life does have rather a habit of me falling flat on my face!LOL)

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