Saturday, 2 May 2009

Not exactly crafty but...

......lookie, lookie. I treated myself to this yesterday as we had an unexpected day without workmen or children so Chris and me went on a little shopping spree. First to Dunelm Mills then onto BHS........with a lovely pub lunch in between. Quite indulgent for me actually.

Now, I have after a tiered cake stand for my stash for a while but now I am not sure what to actually put on it...Chris suggested CAKES!!!!


karen said...

hows about getting a few little clear pots and using it to store/ display your brads, buttons, beads etc. I think that would look pretty and be practical.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I gave one to a friend and she uses it for fruit!

x Alex

Chrissie said...

How beautiful is this Adele? I love it!
CAKES??!! trust a man!

Jackie said...

Ooh Adele, I've been looking for one of those for ages to put my ink pads in..........where did you get yours please?

Adele said...

BHS!!!! Jackie, £12. LOL