Saturday, 30 May 2009

ABC.....Sarah Kay!

Had to make an engagement card fact, I still have another one to make but here is my first.
I used this week's ABC challenge for inspiration, which this week is "P for pearls!"

I so loved colouring this image but didn't really have much pearly inspiration. Eventually I used White Opal Liquid Pearls but now as I sit here typing, I have just remembers some lovely mother of pearl buttons that would have worked a treat. Oh well save those for a rainy day!


Juliet said...

This is just gorgeous Adele - love the touch of pearl on the swirls.
Juliet xx

Naomi (Sugar Brown) said...

Thats lovely. I really like the colours and the pearl accents.

Stressed Stamper said...

Beautiful - love the image and as usual beautifully coloured in


Helen said...

Beautiful card! Love the pearly swirls!
Thanks for joining us at the ABC Challenge this week!
Helen x

Jen said...

Gorgeous card Adele. I love the use of the liquid pearls on the flourish.
Thanks for joining the ABC challenge this week.
Jen x

Anonymous said...

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