Monday, 4 May 2009

HOLIDAY Monday!!!!

Not quite sure about the "holiday" bit....I was up again before 6am this morning, clearing what kitchen was remaining, ready for the plasterer! Kiddies had eaten brekkie and were washed and dressed well before 8am....unheard of on a "holiday!"

The Dingle household is always in chaos...some dyas more than others though! LOL
We all retreated to the garden and conservatory for most of the day. Took a few images and my copics down with me in a vain attempt to be one step ahead of something in my life..not sure it worked though.
The kitchen is now plastered and we are playing the waiting game ready to paint, then lay the flooring before the new kitchen is delivered. I live in a patchwork kitchen until where did I put the teasbags!

The dirty work is almost over now, I will be clearing up plaster dust


Jac’s Playground said...

I really feel for you with your patchwork kitchen. Later on in the year we are having our kitchen and bathroom done. Ours is by our housing ass. so we have picked the colours of cupboards, tiles and floors etc from a pretty limited selection but I am still really looking forward to finally having a kitchen that will match and to top it all DOH has agreed to a new cooker! (Yay no more bungey strap holding the door shut!lol) You must be feeling that the end is now in sight. x

Nora said...

You poor dear! I can't imagine having munchkins and a torn up kitchen...wait! Yes, I can, because I did it with my 3 boys a year ago this month for a entire month when ours flooded. *sigh* I feel your pain, GF!
(LOVE that 6 burner stove, by the way - wish I space for one of those!)

Sue said...

Good luck with your new kitchen - it will be worth all the stress and chaos once you have the new one installed - hard to imagine now, I know!

Had to laugh at your profile, I too am a Pisces and it takes me forever to decide on colours and layouts and even when finished I am never really sure I made the right choices, LOL.


Crafty Magpie said...

wow looks like quite a big task there, are you going to embellish it? lol. Thank you for kind words, just starting up its really nice to have encouragement.
Ah lovely Kent, I am a Northerner originally but been in Kent 10 years, is much warmer!! x

丑角 said...

Simple happiness