Saturday, 8 November 2008

My craft room....a work in progress!!

A leisurely Saturday crafting I thought.....then the DIY bug hit again. Hubby went off to the DIY store and I set to clearing all the junk/stash that I have shoved onto the makeshift shelfing unit
we got a few years back.

Hmmm, where do I put it, the workbench is already loaded and that needs to be cleared too!

My little workspace under the window is my fav, but my Dottie Design Team card for tomorrow morning is half finsished...underneath this lot!!

Hubby came back with two base units for me and a 3 metre worktop for the bargain sum of £99. The worktop should have been £50 on it's own so we were well pleased. I haven't got any doors YET. Not sure what I want I might make something up myself and save a few pennies as we still have so much to do in the house-including the expense of a new kitchen.

I dismantled the PC for the afternoon and we set to work!

My poor little room has moved on a bit from the last picture...but not much. I do now have my two new cupboards in place with a worktop across and the PC set back up. Now ALL I need to do is re-organise everything, find my little desk and complete the half made card.

LOL- I think it's gonna be a late one.

Hmmmm....what colour paint shall I go for?


Claire Mackaness said...

Fab, your sooo lucky to have an indoor room. You dont need cupboard doors, how about making curtains using cuphooks and a bamboo cane and attaching the curtains with rings and eylets. Thats what I have up at my studio window! If you dont sew, then the wonders of wonderweb and an iron never cease to amaze me!

karen said...

oh wow I bet it'll look great when it's finished.
I agree with the lady above a nice curtain will look great and cost a lot less.

Adele said...

He he he...great minds think alike. I still need a blind so I am hoping to get enough fabric for a blind, curtaining for my cupboards and perhaps a bit extra for a few little coordinating "extras!" All time and money but it will come!

Thank you for your support!

love Dingle.xx

Sarah C said...

This is certainly a work in progress, but it's gonna be amazing when it's done. Well done to your DH on the bargains. Hope yuo found your card for Dottie's World xxx