Friday, 14 November 2008

Been shopping today!

Today we started our Christmas shopping then we drove over to Dunhelm Mills for a few bits and bobs I wanted for my craft room!

I got a white blind for my bare little window, a twisted black metal heart shaped note keeper board, some "wall art" black metal words (Live, love & laugh) a little cupcake picture, some little russian doll type ornaments and a couple more sets of scissors!

Chris asked why I wanted more scissors as I still have several sets of older designs in my drawer- but I just couldn't resist this colour and design...and they are SUCH a bargain. A girl can never have too many scissors!


karen said...

look's like a sucessfull shopping trip then. you got some yummy goodies there.

leann said...

Oooooh, this all looks rather yummy!

Just saw you won last week's CCT candy & came to say Big Congrats :)

Hugs x