Friday, 7 November 2008

CBC-November Challenge 1.

The first challenge:

"A easy one to start with As with most of the challenges you could make this for a christmas pressie. I would like you to make a Key Ring, this can be made with a plastic key fob bought from a crafty shop or you could alter one you have already. Or even just use layers of a cereal packet stuck together with a eyelet at the top with a hoop. YOU MUST USE A STAMPED IMAGE OR IF YOU DON'T OWN A STAMP YOU CAN USE A PRINTED IMAGE "

I decided to have a go at the Post it note key rings that I have seen scattered around on blogs and forums. It was rather trial and error as I didn't have many small post it notes, I don't have a cropodile so had to punch smaller batches of notes...and then I couldn't find my keyrings anywhere. ( I did warn you I was not prepared!) I settled for using a little ball chain for the time being.

Great fun to make and a fun little stocking filler, must make some more and improve on the design a bit.

Stamp used; Swirl Set 3 from DewDrop Craftz

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Sarah C said...

What a fantastic idea and it looks gorgeous xx