Sunday, 8 April 2018

Sunday afternoon!

Worked on a few boring "necessities" this morning, got a leg of lamb slow roasting in the oven and now relaxing with a tipple with Chris whilst watching the Grand Prix.

I obviously cannot just sit and watch TV, I have to be doing something else to occupy my overactive brain! What better than the last Chapter of the Colouring Eyes Class from Kit and Clowder!

As I started this last Chapter I was a bit put off by the suggested colours that were used; yellows, greens AND blues!!! EEK! LOL Really not a combination I would have put together for eyes! BUT that's why these classes are so effective for me. Making me try things that are different from "my norm" and challenging me to try new things.

Things I could improve on.
Need more practice with skintones and hair colours, need to find a few good colour combos..and possibly need to invest in a few new colours to complete these colour blends.
Not happy with the effect of the white Posca marker. It took ages to get it working and several layers to get the white reflection to "pop!" I was storing it nib up so I have flipped it to see if that improves next time.

Things I am please with.
Have loved this class, it has put me out of my comfort zone and given me the opportunity to practice not only eyes but different skin tones and hair colours.

This Class also included instruction for Pencils so I plan to print off the worksheet on my new Canson Mi-Teinte s paper and repeat the class using my Prismacolors.



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Laine said...

Looks like colouring fun Adele.