Monday, 9 April 2018

Kit and Clowder - Colouring Eyes Class with Prismacolors

Just finished Chapter 1 of the Eye Class using Prismas...and it certainly shows that I need more practice! LOL

Now I only pay for the Monthly Marker Class, but the Mini Class Colouring Eyes was a freebie and covers guidance, techniques, colour suggestions...etc....etc. for both Markers and Pencils so I thought I just had to try both. So the skin and hair is my feeble attempts of untutored, jump in at the deep end and just go for it, colouring!

This was also my first attempt on my new card stock which has more of "a tooth!"

Things I need to improve on!
Well....everything! LOL
Sharper pencils, move defined lines, better choices of colour combos, Prismacoloring techniques....
My idea of red streaks in the hair just didn't work out! LOL
Need to go over the black lines around the eyes again to define better after my colouring. Not happy with how they look.
I must not rush to complete, I have no deadlines.

Things I am happy about!
I loved the tutorial, class part of this but was out of my comfort zone once the actual eyes were done.
It was fun to try something new.
My first real Class attempt at pencils has given my the incentive to practice more to improve my pencil colouring.

Looking forward to my next practice.


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