Wednesday, 11 April 2018

OMG - LOTV Freebie Class at Kit and Clowder!!!!!

After yesterday's negativity I am determined not to let my pain get the better of me. Took Amelia to the dentist, came back home, dropped Jack off at College, came back home, made lunch and sat down to find this month Freebie "Mini" Class for us Clowdies who subscribe to the Monthly Classes! (NOW, how you can describe this as a mini class, I don't know!)

SOOOOO excited, not only was the class free (as an extra to our paid for Monthly Class/es...but the GORGEOUS LOTV Image was a freebie too......we are really being spoiled over at Kit and Clowder!

I had some time to spare before I needed to go out and pick Jack back up, so set to work on Chapter 1 of the Class, using......wait for it..........PRISMACOLOR PENCILS. (I have decided not to throw the lot in the bin and persevere with my pencil journey! LOL

I did print out quite large, fitting 2 practice images on a sheet of A4
Is it perfect, no! Am I happy with it....yes, I think I far. LOL

LOVING being a part of the Clowdie Community, thank you.

If I am lucky I might even sneak in part of the next chapter whilst the roast is in the oven. 

Bye for now.



Shabneez said...

I do love the excitement you share when you write your posts - they make for great reading Adele. Shabneez x

Kathy said...

This looks fab Adele!

Lorre-Anne Archibald said...

Looks great... these classes sound fabulous! X