Saturday, 7 February 2009

Thrown in at the deep end!

With the arrival of my copics and the release of a new Charmed Download collection AT ANY TIME NOW, shall we say I was a bit busy yesterday wasn't I Lou! LOL

Some people like to play with their new stash, experiment a bit and find out what works best....but me, oh no. I jumped into the deep end of the "Copic pool" and splashed around like a headless chicken.......well what's new there! (actually I was more like a beached whale!!!)

All will be releaved shortly but for now here is another little taster of the new collection and my attempt at colouring with Copics! EEEK!


Ruth (ooffee) said...

Well done you for taking on the challenge! Enjoy! Looking forward to seeing more as what I've seen so far looks great! xx

Nikki said...

Seems you are a natural hun...:)