Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Copic Colour Challenge #2

Today has been a funny old day....the morning was awful, spent it on phone to LEA and schools regarding the complete lack of inclusion in Amelia's school and it seems the fight that is ahead of of us to get her into a Special School in September when she is due to start Juniors! I got quite emotional I am afraid to say, the thought of putting us all through another tribunal process is terrible but if it comes to it, we have no other choice!
I spent the afternoon with ten screaming two year olds and I am eagerly awaiting news of my last NVQ assignments I rushed through and submitted yesterday!!! EEK...I am all over the place but I have got a few things done and off my to do list ...for a while anyway!
Let's get on with a bit of crafting...I started this card this morning but dithered so much over what colours to substitute with in this weeks Copics Colour Challenge...I ran out of time before work this afternoon. This weeks colour are:

Now I really struggled with thes, perhaps the mood I was in this morning all the talk of tribunals didn't help but I just couldn't work out the closest colours to use!LOL Eventually I went for R27 as my nearest red, YG41 my nearest green and B23 as my nearest blue but I don't really feel happy that the combination is anywhere as is should be!! I obviously NEED more Copics to avoid this situation happening again! (wink, wink!)
What with my colour combination, my next stuggle was a patterned paper, I found a few but just wasn't happy....I was very hard to please earlier I will tell you I settled for a very clean, simple and extremely basic approach. The pplan was to make the colours of the Copics do most of the work for me...I hope it worked!!


Anonymous said...

Hope it worked....? Hope it Worked...?

It's absolutely GORGEOUS.

Thank you for joining the
Copics Colour Challenge

~Shell xx

Paula's ponderings said...

Im so sorry for your bad day love, but it can only get better! This is just gorgeous and I so love the way you have displayed it...stunning work! Thanks for joining us in our second challenge

Paula x

Tasha said...

i think it worked brilliant the colors are realy close. Loving your card its so pretty
love tasha xx

ger76 said...

Sorry to hear your having a fight on your hands with your DD's school, I hope you win your battle hun!!

I love your card!!! I didn't realise there was a copics group challange I might join in next time :) I love mine & I think it's a must to up your copic stash you can't be caught out like that again LOL
take care hun Luve Ger xxx

Nikki said...

Really hope you can get all this sorted hun regarding the school.. it's about time you had some better news... so HUGE hugs.. xx

Regarding the card... it's absolutely stunning... so crisp and clean and just gorgeous.. and the colours are lovely..

Mmmm me thinks my 36 that arrived today.. may not be enough

Sumtoy said...

Totally adorable card..Great work!!!

Hazel said...

Your work with copics is gorgeous (well, all your crafting is). Sending you hugs. x

Karen Mortensen said...

Sorry to hear you are having so many problems Adele, your family deserves some good luck soon!! ♥♥♥

Gorgeous card, I love the simplicity and beauty of the design, and that white really brings out the image. Your colouring is the best, you would think you have been doing it for years!!!


Jane Wetzel said...

gorgeous! tfs!

hayleycreates said...

Very adorable and pretty card. Lovely colouring!

Deb M. said...

Beautiful card!! Love it!!