Saturday, 18 October 2008

Nice cuppa coffee and..... afternoon's crafting, what more could a girl want?

It's been quite an emotional week what with the school problems we are having on top of everything else that life has thrown at us these last few weeks. Went to Speech & Language with Amelia this morning and when we arrived back home I found my doormat scattered with goodies from Kay. Amonst the Zoomz were of course two of the fabby new stamps literally hot off the press......and tied together with my al time fave....gingham ribbon!!!

HUGE thank you, coffee refil methinks...then it's my much needed ME TIME!


Prasopchok said...
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Pink Feather Paradise said...

Sorry to hear about your struggles at school, what lovely goodies, its wonderful when something nice comes through your letter box....

can't wait to see what wonderful things you'll create next

hugs Alex

Sammi said...

Oh what a nice bundle of goodies to arrive home to!! Sorry to hear about your school issues!