Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A bit of retail therapy works wonders.

What with concerns over Amelia's school and trying to make the best decision for her and us as a family, I have bee a bit down in the dumps. I cannot say we have completely made our minds up but it looks like the best way to go will be to send Amelia to the SN school. I have fought for 4 years and no matter how legally binding a statement is, it seems the school will always do as little as they can get away with. I feel like it's been trying to get blood from a stone for 4 years now I am just so drained in trying to get the support in mainstream right. It seems now that they just want to wash their hands of her.

I am taking it all rather personally at the moment and I feel that I have failed Amelia something terribly....but saying that, the statement I fought to get her will be needed to get her a placement in the already oversubscribed SN school anyway. I need to look at it that Amelia certainly hasn't failed, she has come on in leaps and bounds and in the one and only year she has had ANY support she has jumped several P levels and is certainly not alone at the bottom of her mainstream peer group. It is the school, the LEA, the system that has failed but how much longer can I jeopodise her education whilst I fight the system and what will it do to us as a family if we have to go through that again?

All in all I am trying to de-clutter and de-stress my life a little....so what better motivation than a bit of crafty retail therapy!!!!!!! I have placed a few little orders and even popped along to a local shop yesterday....before venturing into Toys'r'us for Amelia's birthday pressies!!!

Here is what I have got so far!

A Scalloped square nestabilities set
A Cuttlebug Embossing folder-mesh
Edwin's Snowman- Magniolia stamp
A new StazOn
Some paper stumps
4 new Prismacolors
A pencil sharpener

Watch out for the next installment of Dilly Dally Dingle goes mad with PayPal!

Hmmmm....now all I need is a tiny little bit of clear workspace to try some new stash out!


Hazel said...

Adele, my heart goes out to you - you have done your best and fought so hard for dear Amelia - it makes me so cross that she isn't getting the mainstream opportunity that she should have. Glad you've treated yourself to some crafting goodies - and make sure you do some more spending with paypal xxxx (wish I could come and give you a big hug)

Nikki said...

If only there were more people were prepared to do within the right fields to help you out hun..
You've worked hard and have definately not let Amelia down.. She has a very loving and committed mother who has done all in her power to help progress things.. and Amelia will appreciate that.. no matter how small it seems to you..
Something I have learnt with not having my boys full time.. they know a lot more than you think..

HUGE hugs to you hun.. xxxx

Jac said...

Sending you many cyber hugs. xx

CraftyC said...

Hello Adele,,
I totally sympathise with you, its not your fault and your not failing Amelia. The schools hands are tied and will go along with the LEA. You need to pick up on all the negatives at school, Although she may be doing well, you've got to find fault and keep pressing the issue. Does she have a contact book? Can be great amunition, especially if Amelia's had a bad day at school. May sound negative but they cant argue with whats been written down by the teachers!

tessa said...

ohhh this looks like a yoummy shopping spree

Sarah C said...

Adele, the systems that are there can be so cruel sometmes. You do all you can to do your best by your children and they put stumbling blocks in front of you. I wish there was something I could do to help ((HUGS)) Treating yourself is a good idea though. I know it's not easy, but don't let them get you down too much. You deserve better than that xoxoxox