Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Be prepared!!

Well, I do try but it never seems to pay off!

I couldn't possibly go all the way to Devon for a week without ANY crafting so I popped in a few stamps and some images I had already stamped, a pair of scissors, some card and an ink pad...there I was all smug thinking I was prepared for a few rainy days and a bit of crafty time for ME!

First night, pouring of rain, children settled, jimmy jammies on, glass of wine, chocolate...thought I'd do a bit of stamping....what had I forgotten to pack?

An acrylic block to stamp with!

Not letting a little thing like that hold me back I searched the basics in the kitchen cupboards for something I could use. I can tell you now that lids of glass pyrex dishes make a great alternative to a stamping block should you ever feel the urge!

Here's what I have to show for my efforts-over 100 little images all cut and ready to be coloured in.

Poor little Dottie looks all flush as she was already part coloured and just waiting for me to cut out!


Frances said...

Hi Adele,

thanks for popping over! Looking forward to being on the team with you (I'm dying to find out what the other stamps look like, aren't you?!)

'Eeek' my foot, she who has been published in craft stamper LOL! Think it should be me going eek!!!!
Fran x
p.s that's some pile of images - think I would have given up after cutting 2!

Sarah C said...

I agree with Frances about giing up after cutting 2!! That's the only problem with stamped or self-printed images, but they're worth it in the end aren't they?

Well done on your resourcefulness. Forgetting the block is something I'd've done too! LOL

tessa said...

wow that must have been a really big job! but oh so cute stamps!!

All Pink girl said...

Wow how good are you ,i think this is a top tip xxxDawnxx

Anonymous said...

You post did make me laugh Adele, just the sort of thing I'd do lol!

You still got loads done though, well done!