Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Prismacolors...still trying!

I am still trying to make progress with my Prismacolor colouring, I'd like to say I am making some progress and that I am gaining confidence with them...but I can't. BUT am I still enjoying trying them out...definitely YES! I still need to add a bit more definition somehow, for  example the facial details where I am too heavy handed with the pencils!

Trying make a note of some of the different colour combinations I am using.

For the leaves:
PC1089 Pale Sage
PC1097 Moss Green
PC988 Marine Green

For the skin:
PC914 Cream
PC940 Sand
PC939 Peach
PC927 Light Peach
PC943 Burnt Ochre

This little fella is still half done...might try to finish it later on but I am still trying to do a bit of decluttering, decorating and generally running around after Amelia.

Bye for now..



Elisabeth Hogarth Designs said...

Beautiful. I hope you finish it soon. The housework can wait !

Rachel said...

I see no problems with any of those they are lovely

Unknown said...

These are fabulous Adele. I've never conquered pencil colouring but you've done a stunning job. Cathy x

Lorre-Anne Archibald said...

I think your colouring is fabulous x

Shabneez said...

You've done a great job Adele! I'm in awe over your colouring skills. Shabneez x