Sunday, 23 July 2017

I need help with my Prismacolor disaster!!! EEK

SO, late, late last night I started sorting out my Prismacolor Pencils. I printed off a new 
colour sheet and started organising them into colour groups. 

Then I started playing about with a few attempts at blending...considering  my Sansodor 
(I think that was what it was called) is somewhere in my craft room and probably 
covered in an inch of dust.  I wasn't that impressed with my results so I will NEED to dig out
 that blending agent to try again later today.

After a few failed attempts at blending I decided to jump straight in and try to colour and image. Now one thing I have never tried before is to colour onto Kraft card or some of that lovely "toned" card you can get...and is currently on my wishlist just waiting to see how I get on with the Prismas first though. lol 

It was a bit like trying to run before I could walk. Perhaps I should have stuck to working on white card but I felt the white card I use for my Copics was too flat and smooth and as I was trying to blend the Prismas I was getting small clumps of waxy build up on my test patches.

I chose one of my new Saturated Canary stamps but as you can see I really struggled! I just didn't feel I had as as much control as I do with my Copics and without constantly sharpening, the pencil tip just didn't seem fine enough to give me the detail I wanted and I ended up covering some of the lines of the stamped image. I remember seeing some images coloured this way a while back but I will need to see how this is done without covering up too much detail in the like I have done around her eye!!!

Not happy with the skin colour, a bit too pink for my liking so I will have to do some research 
on different skin .combinations.

Oh well, bit of a failure so far but I will not just give in and go straight back into my 
Copic Rut...I WILL persevere.

If you read this and you have any advice, PLEASE let me know!

Bye for now.


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