Friday, 18 November 2016

Six weeks later and still going!!!!

Well, our operation "New carpet" and "Craft room Claim Back" started about six weeks ago...and we are still living in chaos! Yes, the carpet may be down now but we are far from sorted. I suppose I should just accept that years and years of clutter are not going to magically disappear overnight. It will take time to make an impact but it's so frustrating when you feel we have made a few steps forward and then somehow....10 steps back again.

We are slowly continuing to work on a few areas at a time, sifting through our clutter , throwing out as we go. My dining room still looks like a cross between a decorators workshop and a jumble sale as bags of "stuff to go" accumulate there.

Hubby was off of work yesterday so he helped to do some of the jobs I couldn't manage alone, like moving our big old pine wardrobe from our bedroom to Amelia's. Great, mission accomplished and all that, Amelia has a wardrobe with a key so now she cannot cause havoc with her clean clothes so easily.(Often I would be searching for that clean pile of school uniform only to find it wrapped around toys, stuffed in bags or tied around the legs of her desk!!!!) Only trouble is, now we have wreck our bedroom and have the contents of what was our "overflow wardrobe" all piled around our room!!!!

It will get better, it will get better....IT HAS TO GET BETTER!!!!!

 On a much more positive note, I have moved the very useful but ugly, black, plastic storage unit to underneath my deep worktop. I asked Chris is he could put me a shelf up under too. He asked if I wanted more than one as I had space for him to fit a few to utilise the space. I said no as I had other plans for that little area! Bruce knew exactly what I meant and made himself at home by my feet!

I now need to get him some sort of doggy bed that he wont chew! LOL


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