Wednesday, 23 November 2016

I "felt" like trying something new.

Now the pressure is off with the decorating (although the house is still in some state of chaos!) I have been eager to try a few new things. I am almost finished sewing up a knitted Christmas Gnome and this afternoon I made up a few little templates for some felt figures.

Now my Pinterest board is full of little felt goodies, and has been for years but I have never actually sat down and attempted any of the ideas....until now.

First I drew the rough shape and cut two identical pieces. Next I attempted to add details, I apologise that my sewing isn't as neat as it should be but I am no seamstress, I just hope I can get neater with experience as I really enjoyed this little cat.

After I had completed the details on the upper piece I tried my hand at blanket stitch to join the two main body pieces together.

Still got the tummy piece and a tail to add but have quite enjoyed making my first little feltie!

Ideas and opinions would be much appreciated please. 


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