Thursday, 29 September 2016

Struggling to stay afloat!

I feel shattered, Amelia has been full of cold since the weekend and it's putting such a strain on the rest of the family, especially now we all seem to be coming down with it! I put some Vitamin tablets and Olbas Oil on my internet shop yesterday and I am going to start stocking up on honey and lemons!LOL

I have nothing really creative to share today but I can show my "almost finished" downstairs toilet!!! LOL Aren't I kind to you all?

A few months ago we had a leak under the hand basin and it has taken this long to get such a tiny space redecorated. There are a few tiny little bits and bobs I would like to add, like some beady tassels on the revamped cupboard....but they be waiting a while as I am struggling with making time to get the hallway painted now.

Here is the chaos our little toilet was in a few months ago.

And here it is now!

Since having the extension done nearly every room was painted warm cream colour but bit by bit we are bringing more colour in. Once I started painting white I was amazed at how dirty the cream looked  but I was concerned the little north facing toilet would look cold. I added a splash of colour here and there and quite pleased with how it turned out!

I lightly painted over the frame of our oversized (Ebay bargain) mirror with some grey eggshell and used some left over glass paints and leading to add a bit of detail.

I got a little green bottle from Dunelm Mill and transferred my reed air fresheners into that in an attempt not to clutter! 

This is my favourite part though. It is my mum and dad's old bathroom cabinet and I painted it with eggshell paint and revamped it with glass paints and lead. There is a mark on one of the mirrors and Chris wanted to reglaze it, but I thought it just added to it's quirky charm!

Right, I had better dose myself up and find some energy for Guides this afternoon. We now have, potentially, up to 36 Guides in the group, all with some form of disability. Perhaps a little snooze is in order! ZZzzzzZzZZZzZzzzz


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