Thursday, 12 March 2015

Beads galore!

Still full of flu! Got a very heavy head this morning, not helped my the fact that poor Chris had another 3am start. At least I was lucky enough to go back to bed and dose for a while!

Still, another day curled up with the cat, Olbas Oil and some beads! Can't complain!

Here is another pic of the earrings I made earlier this week, the lighting wasn't great on the original photographs. LOVE these, will definitely be make some more like this.

Tuesday I made a very simple necklace. It came in a kit but I added a few different gemstone chips and beads to give me enough "spares" to make a bracelet to match. I didn't think the length of this was great for me, I do like a longer necklace, but it was lovely to make, I'll certainly make more of these too.

Here are a couple of the Kumihimo braids I have made. The silver one is made with satin cord and the larger turquoise is leather. I am still trying to figure out the measurements for these to avoid wasting to much stringing materials.

I have finished re-beading my bracelet.....

 ....and here is my next little project. I am sort of making it up as I go along 
so I am prepared for mistakes!

Can you spot a colour theme going on here? LOL 
I obviously need to buy MORE beads in different colours.

Bye for now.


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Kath said...

Oh my! You have certainly been busy. Love them! Your making up as you go along one looks really good. If I wore ear-rings I would be wanting to buy those ones!!