Monday, 30 March 2015

A bit of Bruce and a bit of beading: The adventures of a Cavachon

My life as a lady of leisure feels so much more complete! Had a bit of a unsettled start to our first night with Bruce. I settled him in his crate at about 11pm, was awoken by him "howling" and whining at 12.....then 1am! He seemed so tired but must have been so lonely without his mum and siblings to snuggle with.

After that he woke me just before my alarm went off at 6.30am. It was so lovely to be greeting with his bright eyed and waggy tail attitiude!

It's been a funny day, had a few visitors, not to see me though........I was just an excuse for my Mum and my neighbour Lesley to get their hands on the fluff ball we now know as Bruce.

We have ordered some more puppy goodies online but it was obvious we need something more for Bruce to chew on, as his favourites at the moment seem to be the pom poms on my slippers. I have taken a large carrot from the fridge as a bit of a deterrent until more puppy toys arrive.

It is lovely to see his confidence growing already, so funny last night when he galloped out of the front room following me, only to realise he had no idea where he was and did a sort of weird backwards bunny hop back into familiarity. Today he has been like my little shadow, sat on my feet whilst I did the washing up and following me from room to room  as I moved around downstairs.

This afternoon my little Bruce curled up at my feet whilst I managed to do a tiny bit more beading.

A ladder stitch wrap bracelet with Tila Beads. Almost finished now.

Fingers crossed Bruce will be a good boy after his visit to the Vets tonight and I may even be able to complete my bracelet later! 

Bye for now!


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