Thursday, 16 May 2013

Tidying up some Crafty Loose ends.

I have taken a few days off sick, pounding head, congested, croaky voice, ache all over, I am sure you know the feeling. Had a bit of a nightmare day yesterday what with one thing and another and after several phone calls in an attempt to resolve matters my day was over before I knew it. 

Shattered as ever today but dosing myself up and hoping for the best. I decided to get a few loose ends tied up, things hanging around but not quite complete. It will be great to get my "To Do List" out and cross a few of them through.

Now these likkle piggies have been sitting on my kitchen worktop for some time now. My mum has knitted them (as I was supposed to be concentrating on Stampin'Up) and I had promised to make up the washing instruction labels. At last, I have done them. Made up an Excel spreadsheet, printed and cut out a small batch. Now these Little Piggies can go to such!

NOW, my mum and me were debating over which piggies we liked best. The pale pink are only acrylic and work out slightly cheaper than the dark pink cotton ones. Piggy Opinion poll please!

These little teds have also been sat on my side but I took them out into the sunshine of my conservatory for their photo shoot before I label them too.

Right, what next?????



Kath said...

Ooooh these are fabulous, Adele. What a clever family! I love the little pigs! I am sure she won't have any trouble selling those.I like both colours actually although perhaps I tend towards the paler ones.

Hazel said...

Love the pigs and the teddies - your mum is a super knitter. I used to make a lot of knitted toys - can remember having quite a large order to make of very fiddly small toys - got a bit tedious in the end - much preferred making something larger. x