Friday, 30 January 2009

A quick Dottie card.

Life is just so hectic at the moment-it's not good at the best of times but I am really trying to step up a gear with my NVQ. I started it about a year ago and I am making snail-like progress. It is supposed to be online training but I am having one technical problem after another and have had no access to their online tutorials or assessment system since May!

Ths month saw the start of my third assessor and I have really been given a boost. This week I handed in a small batch of assignments and had feeedbake last night. I am make progress again at last, only a little, but progress all the same. I have gone from being 11% complete to 17%! Whoooppeeee!
As well as my feedback I was given another 23 assignments to complete!!! EEK!

With time being a REAL issue, last night I decided to try out a pre-coloured Dottie! FAB, so quick and easy. Thanks Lou!

I made this for the Crafts by Carolyn Pocket challenge.


karen said...

Another fab card hunni
I never thought about embossing asetate (spelling) before.


Nikki said...

Love it..
Simple and very effective..

Nikki x

Hazel said...

I've just seen this on CBC - gorgeous (I'm going to have to get that download - keep getting tempted!). x

Chrissie said...

A fabulous card Adele (and how useful to have Dottie pre-coloured!)
Good luck on your ongoing course.

Ellen said...

taht must be so encouraging to know you're making progress even if it is going slowly . at least you're not going backwards.

thats handy to have those images coloured and all. that would tempt me more

Louly said...

This is beautiful Adele, you've just remiinded me that I want to try out your idea of embossing acetate.

Net said...

I'm liking her Adele - her red shoes are almost as nice as mine! ;))

Anne said...

gorgeous card