Friday, 9 January 2009

Dingle's Friday Waffle!

It's been a funny week: Snow, Chris back to work, kiddies back to school, me back to work, NVQ being kickstarted with yet another assessor, it seems more and more "issues" with Amelia at school as the week has gone on, trying to chase up appointments/therapies......and it has felt like I have got absolutely nowhere. Not exactly the fresh start to the New Year I had hoped for but with positive thoughts and the strength I somehow find I will batttle on.

On a much more positive note I can happily say that this month I went "into print!" Nikki from DewDrop Craftz approached me a while back to see if I would make a project and do a little write up for Craft Stamper magazine! PANIC!!!!!!

Of course I said yes but I am so not a stamper...I just stamp and colour...I am more of a colourer than a stamper! But I rather nervously set to work and submitted my little card which has a 2 page spread in the February issue out now in the shops! It may not by a great article for a hardened stamper but I am still rather proud of it.

Here is a little peep!

You may also remember my attempt to get organised by printing, cutting and colouring 4 copies of Scruff from the Animal Magic Collection! This vain attempt at organising came in quite handy this week as I have had very little time to even think let alone craft. I took inspiration from the wonderful list that Louly posted on Monday and made a card with the "ave a laugh" challenge in mind. Don't forget, join in with this challenge to get you freebie download image of Scruff in the tub!


Jac’s Playground said...

Sending you positive vibes Adele. Love your Scruff card the sentiment really seems to suit him. x

Sammi said...

*bigHUGS* I do hope things get better and the battle gets easier!!
congrats on going into print! :)
Loving your Scruff cards!!

Paula said...

Congratulations with going into print. And hope things settle for you soon xx