Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Thank you Jennie!!!

My goodness, that was quick! Mr Postie has just delivered the blog candy I won from Jennie only yesterday!

I was right in the middle of making another 2 cards for the teachers BUT I couln't resist quickly trying out William! I had a few offcuts of card, perfect in size, that I had just cut to make my square cards.

The Stitchels look absolutely fab. I have a meeting tonight, but hopefully I will have enough time afterwards to cut and mount them so I can play with those too!!!



Annie B said...

very cute - hope you get some tim eto yourself to play with them very soon


Annie X

Unknown said...

just yesterday? Blimey she's a fast one!!!
What a great little cheerer upper!!!

Andrea said...

you will love the Stitchels they are great to work with and fab with Tilda x