Wednesday, 30 July 2008

So Pretty!

Last night made a personalised men's 40th card and this morning I have sat in the conservatory with the children colouring in!! ...and NO I would not let them anywhere near my Prismacolors!!

I have just put together my first design for the "So Pretty" stamp from Dewdrops Craftz. I had a wonderful time with some sparkly glitter glues and girlie colours. I have taken a few really close up pics of this one to try and show the glitter and detail but they haven't come out too well!


Anonymous said...

Oh Adele that is absolutely beautiful! I love everything about it - gorgeous

Nikki said...

Adele... just a quick comment from Kathleen Rietz.. the artist behind 'So Pretty'

Aaawww..I LOVE THE CARD!!!!!! Adele did a great job. Really, as the illustrator, I feel honored that she did such a great job using my girl. : ) You can tell her I said so.

Really wanted you to know how much we both appreciate your hard work with the images.

Nikki x

Jennie said...

Adele, love the card especially the cat! there is a little pressie on my blog for you
Jennie x