Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Organising my stamps!

With the delivery of a few more unmounted stamps yesterday I was busy stamping up load of images and trying to start organising storage for them. Up 'til now my unmounted stamps have sat in a shallow drawer in a filing cabinet. I have cut up pieces of card to fit into the packaging bags of my Magnolia, Nellies, Maggie & Hamish stamps, stamped on the image and labelled the tops. They are all sat in a little plastic "take away" type carton for now until I find a more suitable box.

I stamp and cut around quite a lot of my images rather than work directly on the card, if you know what I mean, so after stamping loads of images, I have coughly cut around them and placed them in the appropriate little bag so I should always have a stamped image at hand. This is great for me as I can take my little box downstairs of an evening and happily cut around the images while watching TV with hubby.

I want a bigger box now so I HAVE to buy more stamps to fill it up!!! LOL...I hope to do the same with the rest of my unmounted stamps soon, that way it will free up another couple of drawers to put my A4 cardstock in. One day I WILL be organised.


Richelle said...

Wow! great idea. I need to do that with my acrylic stamps.

Juliet said...

I like this idea Adele and I may just get myself organised during the holidays too. Thanks for the tip.
Juliet xx

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to have a collection of ready stamped images. I rarely stamp directly on to cards also so I could sit colouring in the evenings lol
Brilliant tip Adele x