Thursday, 22 November 2007

The return of the Bad, bad blogger!

Coo eee!!! As I crawl out from under my computer desk!!

Sorry I have been missing in action!! Life tends to catch up and overtake and I am running along after it trying to catch up like a mad, mad woman...and failing miserably!

I haven't stopped but looking back I can't really tell you that I have achieved anything!! Had a few appointments with Amelia and, touch wood, things are moving along quite nicely at the moment. We took her to the Doctors yesterday for an immunisation, I have been putting it off for ages but at least we have some out of the way now!

Got a phone call last week saying that a place has come up for Amelia at Riding for the Disabled!!! We have been waiting for 2 and a half years now and to be honest I had given up hope. Not sure how it will go but she seems pretty excited. I have taught her a new stuctured sentence to say/sign and she is proudly telling everyone "I am going horse riding on Sunday!" "Hat on, fall off!!!" amazed my that she mentioned the donkey rides we had on holiday for my 40th Birthday (which was March 2006) There were a couple of donkeys there and she rode on "Old Bear" a few times ....I was gobsmacked that she remember his name! Finger crossed it all goes OK.

As for my crafting I have been busy knitting teddies, not done much papercrafting at all!! However I have got a few card orders and hope to raise some funding for the school too.

My day is passing far too quickly...I am off to hunt for a 48hour day!!!

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