Monday, 26 November 2007

Not a lot of crafting going on!!!

Trying desperately to find some crafting time but failing miserably it seems. Managed to get a few die cuts sorted today ready to make some Xmas cards up, but I left that in a vain attempt to make an advent calendar with Amelia ( a school project!!) BUT the night is young.

Riding for the Disabled yesterday was great! Amelia took to it like a likkle duckie to water and seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself...worth waiting for I hope!!! Didn't manage any great piccies but I loved the look on her little face on the first photo, it was during her first attempt at a trot!!!
Got a couple of "free days"ahead of me..LOL...whatever they are!! So I plan to get some serious crafting done!!!


Hazel said...

Oh wow!! Well done, Amelia - way to go! She looks so happy.

maggieb said...

Aw thats good Amelia look happy & confident on her horse.

Annie B said...

looks like she had a great time!

enjoy your next few days crafting (lucky you!)

Unknown said...

Oh bless her ! Horses are magical and every child I've seen at an RDA comes alive and just loves it.
It's a wonderful organisation and I hope Amelia continues to have lots of fun with her riding !!

Lucykate Crafts... said...

she looks so happy in those pictures, thank you for sharing : )