Tuesday, 6 November 2007

CBC Big Challenge 10 Good enough to eat!

Here's 3 that I have manged this morning!

"another choice challenge and this time it must be GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT so show me your 3 tasty Christmas cards yup 3!!! "

I struggled with this one, was going to make up some Xmas puddings, spent ages making up some QK candy canes, then embossed them with some glossy accent- pleased with them, but haven't decided on a design yet!! So I stuck to my good ol' gingerbread stamp!!

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tillyboo said...

I love the gingerbread men. I saw something the other day which looked quite amusing - might be an idea to adapt a card?

I saw some plushie gingerbread men that had bits missing e.g. an arm, a leg, a corner of his head ...

Like they had been munched, very cute.