Friday, 7 June 2013

Oh happy dance, Stampin' Up Stash alert!

Oh dear, I have only done 1 report, just about to start my second when Mr UPS knocked at my door! The temptation was just tooooo much for me to resist and I ran into the dining room with my box and opened it immediately! I am sure you can understand my lack of will power!

How will I chose which set to try out first? 

 Well actually I chose pretty quickly but it not a proper try out...only a snippet sample 
BUT I love this set already. I made these up in next to no time.

Sorry, like a kid in a candy shop. Cannot wait to have a proper play...and a good look at the new catty. 
I think I will need to get a new pack of post-it notes out!

Bye for now.

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