Monday, 8 April 2013

Poor Green Cuttlebug,,,,,rest in pieces!

I must have had a six sense as when I placed my first "real order" with Stampin' Up a few weeks ago, I qualified for a half price item. Thinking I'd take the bull by the horns and update my trusty Cuttlebug with a sparkly a nd new Big Shot, especially if I do attempt to make a go of it all and do classes, demos etc. Now what crafter can resist a bargain BUT over the last week or so, I had a few regrets, thinking I should have ordered a Bigz alphabet instead.

Today I lazed around a bit, especially after the antics of decorating last week. I have sat down this afternoon and played with a few new stamp sets, had so much fun. Tonight as I sip a nice glass of red wine and nibble on an Easter egg, I thought I'd take it one stage further and cut a few images out with various frames.....and............


Poor dear little bug. Rest in Pieces!


Kath said...

Oh dear. You could have done without that! Did you order a Big Shot? I seem to remember you mentioned it?

TCN said...

I'm getting my cuttle bug out again soon, just for a few small bits. I've just had a little splurge on a cricut create so very excited about that arriving soon :D