Saturday, 13 April 2013

A little bit of bunting!

Fancy getting excited over a bit of bunting, but I am! LOL (blush)
After decorating I fancied brightening up our bargain piano. I know I shouldn't complain, it did only cost about £20 but it's not very attractive is it? Now one of the first pins I made over on Pinterest was bunting hanging on a piano. I think it was actually Christmas bunting and I was hoping to make some BEFORE Christmas but it never happened. However it did inspire me into thinking why does it need to be Christmas to brighten up the piano? 

SO I found myself an old pair of curtains that I made many moons ago and thought I'd try some out. Now I am no seamstress but surely it couldn't be THAT hard!! (or so I thought!) I bodged a template by cutting a triangle from a magazine cover pinned it to a strip I had cut off the bottom of the old curtain and cut around the edge with my pinking shears and attacked them with my dusty old sewing machine.

Still got to tidy up the edges but I am happy with my trial run pennants .

Are my points pointy enough?  I cut off the sharp bit of the point so it wasn't so bulky then I used a knitting needle to ease out the points. There are not 100% but good enough for my and my old piano. ( Now I have an old song in my head, think it was by Diana Ross! OMG, showing my age now!)

Oh dear, what have I done to my nice clean and tidy conservatory!

By the way the first photo on this post is the lovely little bundle that popped through my letter box this morning.....I will be attacking those IF the Bunting Trial Run goes to plan.

Right, back to cutting and pinning a few more triangles.

Be back soon.


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Kath said...

Your trial bunting looks fine to me,Adele. The piano looks ok too!