Saturday, 9 August 2008

Happy, excited Dingle!!!

Over the last couple of days I have had not one but two lots of exciting news...but at the moment I cannot really give any details....I am so excited but rather nervous too!!!!

On top of all this excitement in my poor little brain...hubby has taken Jack down to the hospital!! Jack came home from karate last night complaining that he had hurt his foot during the first session.....but continued to do another 45minute session afterwards!!! We put an ice pack on it and left it 'til this morning to see how it was! Poor Jack is still in such pain and his poor little toe is turning black and off they went to the hospital leaving Amelia & me at home playing the waiting game. We were in hysterics this morning with Jack hopping around and balancing on one leg like a flamingo.....just as well the karate has taught him a great sense of balance!!

Right, enough of the waffle.....a quick card that had sat half completed on my desk nearly all day yesterday. I know it is VERY similar to the last William card I made but in a vain attempt to get myself organised I am trying to make batches of 2 or 3 similar cards....I am even starting working on my September birthdays this way...LOL...a first for me..I am never ahead of myself.

(shhhh musn't speak too soon!)

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Juliet said...

Oooh hope Jack is ok soon Adele. Congratulations on your news - it is great to have you on board at Dottie's World xxx