Saturday, 15 September 2007

Whoo hoo...manged to get in my craft room again!

After an absolute hectic week, I have managed to get in my craft room for a while this afternoon.
I am now working a couple of mornings a week and I have had 2 meeting over at the school this week too. The extension is really coming together now, but chaos is everywhere! We have had up to 10 workmen here some times I have had to escape over to my mum and dad's house just to get away from it all. It has been well worth the chaos though. We have had the outside rendered, guttering going up next week and scaffolding coming down. Upstairs the stud wall for our bathroom has been put up, the 1st phase plumbing and electric has been done and today...we have some plaster!!!!! I am SOOOOOO excited, next week they are finishing the plastering upstairs, putting in my WINDOWS....and hopefully fitting some of our new bathroom. LOL..we are currently bathing by lamplight in our old bath, in the middle of a rather dusty, draughty extension- the kiddies think it is great!!! I might even be able to start painting upstairs next weekend!!!!
On top of all that, our emersion tank decided to spring a leak, just as well I had some workmen around to help out as water was dripping through our front room ceiling- the only room in the house we had already had replastered and was almost how we wanted it to be- we now have a crack running the length of the ceiling and another crack and some blown plaster in the corner!! Oh well- could have been worse but it's more unexpected payout for a new tank. We might see about claiming on our insurance for the re-plastering- I haven't ever claimed in 20 years.

Today I have managed to actually GET IN my craft room to start sorting. I have set myself another challenge after failing miserably last week, but already I am doubting I will meet it!!

This weeks Tuesday deadline challenge!!!!!!
1 retirement card
2 birthday cards
3 Thank you cards for the Down Syndrome Group
knit some of the 4 teddies to knit!!
ONE Xmas card (if I am really lucky)

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