Tuesday, 11 September 2007

It's a mad house here!!!

I am still to make my 5th card and it is absolute mayhem here! They took our bath out yesterday and are temorarily re-fitting in the "new bathroom" today...when I say bathroom, it is a shell of a room, no ceiling, no plaster board or plaster, a boarded up opening for a window, no electrics , just the frame of a stud wall in the middle of ....well...nothingness!! LOL...gonna be fun bathing the kiddies tonight! I have been going through things all morning and have electricians and plumbers here, plasterer and carpenter are due later too...and this afternoon I have a meeting at the school about Amelia's support and therapies!!
Hopefully things will calm down for an hour or so but I cannot get into my craft room as the plumbers have the floorboards up in the hall!!! Might sit out in the conservatory for a while a do some knitting but it's NOT going to get my challenge done is it!

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LucyKate Crafts said...

just spotted your blog through ginger monkey, your cards and scrapbooking are lovely.

ps, i think i recognise your name, i'm also a fellow mn'er ; )