Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Falling in Love again...what am I to do......

After a break from crafting for some time, that's it, I am hooked again. I have fallen in love with my Copics all over again! So much that I have been naughty and ordered a few more which arrived this morning. I ordered 4 refills, which could be considered quite boring as they were mainly basic, neutral, but obviously well used colours. Just so my order wasn't completely "boring" I decided to throw in a few new colours too! Now I have always been a Copic Ciao Gal in the past, building a kit was so costly...but instead I treated myself to a few Sketch markers....and I just LOVE the look of them amongst the other pens. I can see a bit of an addiction coming on! LOL

I have been busy colouring though, that's if you can actually be "busy colouring" as it feels like such an indulgent, childlike activity. Let's call it pain management therapy instead then!!!

Soon I am going to have to face the chaos of my craft room and actually make some of these up, sitting and colouring is the "easy" part isn't it!

Bye for now.


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